The Little Country Schoolhouse Philosophy

Our belief at The Little Country Schoolhouse is that young children learn best through the active participation of play. Play takes a child from a state of passive listening and onlooking to a state of active building, creating, and participating in their environment.

Through play, a child learns by doing.

Children are given many opportunities to learn in ways that are age and interest-appropriate. They are immersed in many interactions and activities that are designed to develop the child’s self-esteem and positive feelings towards learning. Gluing-little-country-school-houseThe child is given many opportunities through their environment to build, construct, create, sing, recite, write, dance, and exercise their mind and bodies. The children participate in indoor and outdoor activities and field trips. Children need endless opportunities to explore, create, discover, and invent through play in order to be prepared for the academics in the elementary school years. Play is the work of young children, and play provides the foundation for academic learning. There is a balance of child-initiated activities and adult-initiated activities. Our centers and activities are thematic based, which means one week we may study fall leaves, another week pumpkins, etc. Many of our daily activities will reflect these themes.

The physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the child is foremost and utmost to the staff at The Little Country Schoolhouse.

Children are stimulated mentally, physically, and socially. The whole child is considered in all aspects of the curriculum.

Parents are always welcome to visit our Clarksville, Tennessee facility. We strongly encourage you to visit your child and participate in their activities.

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