About LCSH

The Little Country Schoolhouse was a dream of Mike and Debby Respass. In 1996, this dream became a reality in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Mike has a Master’s degree in Personnel Management, and Debby has a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Early Childhood Education. Mike and Debby have three daughters and seven grandchildren. All of the daughters have been actively involved in the creation of Little Country Schoolhouse, and the younger grandchildren enjoy the daily activities of LCSH.

Ms. Lori is the assistant director and has  worked in the infant and toddler rooms before becoming the assistant director in 1998. She and her husband David have 2 children, Cole and Addison. Heather, their youngest, was the school age director for 10 years before leaving to teach elementary school. She has one daughter named Lilyan.

The Little Country Schoolhouse has grown from 10 children in 1996 to over 200 children.

On a daily basis, we strive for our families to have a place where their children are safe, happy and learning.

In 2007, LCSH earned accreditation through the AdvancED Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.

In 2012, LCSH went through a rigorous re-accreditation process.  The Quality Assurance Review Team found the following commendations and strengths at LCSH.


    • The School lives its stated vision and mission by providing a nurturing and caring environment for its students.
    • The School actively monitors and plans for student safety.
    • The school is a unique environment that fosters a loving, nurturing, safe environment for all its students, emphasizing “care” in both the childcare and classroom elements of the school.
    • Parents indicated they have a trusting relationship with the staff and teachers at the school and expressed a desire that the school extend their services to higher grades and/or additional locations.
    • The administrative head of the school ensures compliance with the highest standards for child care and seeks to create a learning environment focused on developing the whole child.
    • The school climate is respectful, with both teacher and peer support.
    • High morale was exhibited by all staff members.
    • Teachers and staff displayed a passion for what they do and a love for the children and families they serve.
    • Teachers and staff indicated that when they determined a need for a resource to improve their teaching and help students learn, the finances are provided for the resource.
    • Parents expressed a high degree of confidence in the caring program offered by the school.

In 2017, LCSH went through the Accreditation Process for the third time. The following information was provided by the Acceditation Team.


Powerful Practices 

  • Families have meaningful, consistent opportunities for involvement at the school. Daily reports inform parents, and concerns of parents are quickly addressed
  • The facilities and equipment are well maintained, clean, safe, and conducive for generating and promoting enthusiasm for learning. Instructional time is valued and protected.
  • The social, emotional, and academic needs of each individual child are met by the nurturing staff. Each child is treated as an individual whose needs are addressed on a daily basis.

What is considered a Powerful Practice?
A key to continuous improvement is the institution’s ability to learn from and build upon its most effective and impactful practices. Such practices serve as critical leverage points necessary to guide, support and ensure continuous improvement. A hallmark of the accreditation process is its commitment to identifying with evidence, the conditions, processes and practices that are having the most significant impact on student performance and institutional effectiveness. Throughout this report, the External Review Team has captured and defined Powerful Practices. These noteworthy practices are essential to the institution’s effort to continue its journey of improvement.

Accreditation Team Conclusion:

    • The positive attitude of the school staff greets a visitor at the school’s doorway. Within minutes of being inside the learning environments, one can ascertain the high expectations for all students. Interviews with representatives of every stakeholder group, including the young students, provided team members with clear evidence of the fulfillment of the purpose and vision of the school, to have quality learning experiences that address the full potential of academic, social, and emotional learning opportunities of each student. The team also noted the great amount of involvement of the students’ families, which can only lead to further growth and success among the students.



Administrative Staff

Debby Respass – Owner/Director

Lori Abernathy – Assistant Director/Accounts Manager





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